Avenida de Berna, 11 2 º andar
1050-036 Lisboa

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Contribute to the local development of your neighborhood and your city

If you are an immigrant of working age, residing in Lisbon’s Neighborhoods and Priority Intervention Areas then this project is for you!

  • Graça
  • Sapadores
  • Alto da Eira
  • Alfama
  • Mouraria
  • Quinta do Lavrado
  • Horizonte
  • S. Paulo
  • R. Possidónio da Silva
  • Pampulha
  • Castelo
  • Quinta do Ferro
  • Casalinho da Ajuda
  • 2 de Maio
  • Cascalheira
  • Alvito Velho
  • Rio Seco
  • Quinta do Cabrinha
  • Loureiro
  • Av. Ceuta

Whether in training sessions, institutional visits, focus groups and participatory assemblies, the Local Council of Immigrants promotes a set of initiatives that aim to encourage the civic and political participation of immigrant people as conscientious and committed citizens, effectively collaborating with ideas and reflections for solving problems that affect their lives and those of their local communities.

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    Be a local advisor

    We value your participation

    To participate as a local advisor, you must sign a volunteer contract with us.

    You will receive a monthly grant of €25 to cover any expenses and enhance your participation.