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Training sessions and civic rights


Capacitate to act

Civic rights literacy and training sessions on various topics with up-to-date practical and legislative information.

  • Legalization;
  • Job;
  • Gender equality;
  • Social Protection;
  • Education;
  • Health;
  • Housing;
  • Justice;
  • Civic participation and public policies;
  • Good governance strategies;
  • Community Leadership;
  • Between others.

Through this initiative, it is intended that immigrants acquire a deeper understanding of their rights and the power to defend them.

sessão de capacitação
Institutional Visits

Approximation, sharing and knowledge

conselho local imigrantes visitas e atividades

Knowing and talking directly with institutions and policy makers is the best way to make change happen.

The Local Council of Immigrants will promote a series of visits to relevant organizations in the public sector, in order to establish greater proximity between these institutions and immigrants. Understanding the public institutions of the country we live in, can be the first step towards a true and better integration.

Focus groups

Involvement and citizenship strategies

Creation of two research groups. A mixed group (men and women) and a group composed only of women, with the aim of encouraging the civic participation of immigrant women.

Focus groups will be a safe space for participants to talk about the issues that affect their lives, to develop ideas, technical skills, common strategies and to speak up, some for the first time. The results of these focus groups will be part of the recommendations manual, to be presented publicly.

conselho local imigrantes grupos de foco
Participatory Assemblies

Active local participation

conselho local imigrantes assembleia

Participatory assemblies will serve as a mechanism to promote active citizenship and participatory and voluntary democracy, based on direct consultation with immigrant citizens, giving them the opportunity to propose measures and recommendations for their better social integration, to organizations from civil society, experts and public entities.

The recommendations resulting from the participatory assemblies will be included in a digital publication to be made available at the end of the project. Public presentation sessions will also be held for the entire civil society.

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Participate in our project and help us build participatory initiatives that culminate in the public presentation of recommendations and in the reinforcement of social cohesion in the historical center of the city of Lisbon.