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Meet our mission

Who we are


The Local Council of Immigrants is a participatory research/action project, promoted by EAPN – European Anti-Poverty Network Portugal and co-financed by POR Lisbon 2020, through the European Social Fund. It started in 2021 and will be implemented by December 2023.

It proposes an innovative intervention in the promotion of initiatives for the social inclusion of immigrant people, residing in priority intervention neighborhoods, in the western historical center of Lisbon.

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Intervention Neighborhoods

  • Graça
  • Sapadores
  • Alto da Eira
  • Alfama
  • Mouraria
  • Quinta do Lavrado
  • Horizonte
  • S. Paulo
  • R. Possidónio da Silva
  • Pampulha
  • Castelo
  • Quinta do Ferro
  • Casalinho da Ajuda
  • 2 de Maio
  • Cascalheira
  • Alvito Velho
  • Rio Seco
  • Quinta do Cabrinha
  • Loureiro
  • Av. Ceuta

Strengthen social cohesion and share good practices

conselho local imigrantes aula

Betting on participants as experts of experience, the Local Council of Immigrants intends to be a trusted space to examine, interpret and reflect, while developing new participatory methodologies, skills and confidence of members of immigrant communities, which culminate in the public presentation of recommendations and in the reinforcement of social cohesion in the territory of the city of Lisbon.

This approach aims to strengthen the direct target group, civil society organizations and local agents, through the sharing of good practices and the construction of recommendations in matters of public policies that favor a better integration of the immigrant population in Portuguese society.

The project is also the result of the experience of EAPN Portugal with the promotion of Local Councils of Citizens and participation in two private projects. The RE-InVEST project implemented between 2015 and 2019 and the REGAL Project, implemented in the Municipality of Amadora, in 2019 and 2020.

How to participate

Contribute to the local development of your neighborhood and your city.

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    Be a local advisor

    We value your participation

    To participate as a local advisor, you must sign a volunteer contract with us.

    You will receive a monthly grant of €25 to cover any expenses and enhance your participation.


    Integration and social inclusion

    Promote citizenship practices and civic participation and stimulate critical awareness for the proposal of social solutions/responses that allow facing difficulties identified by immigrants.

    PARHCA Methodology

    Trust, participation, reflection and analysis

    Innovative intervention in the promotion of social inclusion initiatives that seek to promote real social change, both with its content and through the chosen methodology.